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Online therapy can help people with serious mental illnesses get relief from symptoms and improve their quality of life.

What is online therapy?

Therapy is as simple as having a one-on-one conversation with a mental health professional about the issues you are experiencing. Similar to in-person therapy, during a telehealth therapy session, a therapist will ask questions to understand symptoms (like sadness or anxiety) and use a combination of techniques, such as problem-solving, to create a better understanding of the situation. This may help a person identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
The goal of therapy is to get from symptoms, maintain or improve daily functioning, and improve quality of life.

Who could benefit from getting telehealth therapy?

Therapy can be an important component of treatment for serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and severe depression. However, therapy is typically used in conjunction with other treatments, such as psychiatric medication. 

For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown to be effective in reducing the severity of symptoms and improving functioning in individuals with anxiety, depression or schizophrenia. For example, CBT can help individuals with schizophrenia by examining and reevaluating their thoughts and perceptions of experiences, learn coping skills, and reduce symptoms that may be impacting social functioning.

For individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder, therapy can help individuals learn how to manage mood episodes, improve medication adherence, and develop healthy coping strategies.

For people who experience severe depression, therapy can be used in conjunction with antidepressant medication to improve mood and reduce symptoms.

In addition to treating serious mental illness and mental disorders, telehealth therapy can help people cope with difficult experiences and symptoms, such as dealing with severe or long-term stress from a job or family situation, the loss of a loved one, or relationship or family problems.
We know that caring for a loved with mental health challenges can be overwhelming. Family therapy can also be useful in improving communication and providing support to caregivers thus reducing stress within the family.

Is online therapy as effective as in-person therapy?

The effectiveness of therapy, whether in-person or online, depends on many factors, including the individual's needs, preferences, and the nature of the therapy itself. Both in-person and online therapy can be effective in treating mental health conditions, and the choice between the two largely depends on the individual's personal circumstances.

Overall, research shows that most people who receive psychotherapy experience symptom relief and are better able to function in their lives. The American Psychiatric Association states that about 75% percent of people who enter therapy show some benefit from it.

Online therapy offers greater flexibility and convenience. It can be a more accessible option for individuals with mobility or transportation issues, who live in remote areas, or have busy schedules. Online therapy can also offer greater anonymity and privacy, which can be important for individuals who feel uncomfortable or stigmatized seeking therapy in person. The National Center for Health Research found no difference in patient satisfaction scores between in-person and online therapy.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of therapy depends on many factors, including the therapeutic relationship, the therapist's skills and training, the specific treatment approach used, and commitment to the process. It's important to work with a therapist who is qualified and experienced in treating your specific concerns and to choose the therapy format that best meets your needs and preferences. 

Does Medicare or Medicaid insurance cover virtual therapy?

Medicaid coverage for online therapy also varies by state, as each state has its own Medicaid program. However, some states have expanded their telehealth coverage in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and may cover online therapy sessions. 

Medicare may cover online therapy if the therapy is provided by a healthcare provider who accepts Medicare, and if the therapy is medically necessary and meets certain requirements.

In any case, it's always best to check with your insurance provider to determine if online therapy is covered under your specific plan and what the limitations and requirements may be.

Is virtual therapy more affordable than in-person therapy?

In some cases, online therapy may be more affordable than in-person therapy. Because online therapy is typically conducted remotely, therapists can offer their services at a lower cost since they don't have the overhead expenses associated with maintaining a physical office space. 

Online therapy can also be more convenient and accessible, saving patients money by not needing to pay for transportation or childcare. Ultimately, the cost of therapy, whether online or in-person, will depend on a variety of factors, including the individual's insurance coverage or ability to pay out of pocket.

How long is an virtual therapy session?

At Brave Health, therapists typically meet with patients for 50-minute sessions on our secure telehealth platform. The frequency of sessions can vary based on the individual's needs and goals.

How does someone get started in online therapy?

Individuals can begin therapy at Brave Health after completing an initial mental health assessment. In just one hour, our therapists will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health and well-being, helping to create a tailor-made treatment plan that specifically caters to their individual needs.

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