Grievance Policy

Clients, family members, and/or legal guardians are encouraged to approach their counselor, staff or a director to resolve as quickly as possible.

  • Should the grievance remain unresolved, the client/family members are provided with a Grievance form to complete and submit. The written grievance is forwarded to the Clinical Supervision Team. The Clinical Supervision Team then has 24 hours to respond to the grievance.


  • The Clinical Supervision Team will meet with the client/family member. This applies to active clients as well as discharged clients. All attempts to contact client/family member will be documented. If the client/family member is unavailable to meet in person, the director will provide a written response to the grievance and forward by secure email or certified mail with return receipt requested. A copy of the response is forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for recording and tracking. 


  • The client/family member has three working (3) days from the meeting or receipt of mailed response to review and respond. If the client/family member does not respond to the grievance within three (3) working days, the grievance is considered resolved. 


  • Should the grievance remain unresolved to the client/family member’s satisfaction, the grievance will be sent to the CEO. The CEO has 24 hours to respond to the grievance.  


  • The CEO has final determination on all client grievances. 


  • The appellant will receive a written notification of any decisions.


  • The CEO will receive copies of all grievances, responses and documentation of process.


  • The Risk Management Department will log and track all filed grievances until resolved or concluded.


  • Data on grievance process, outcome and trends will be utilized and analyzed to provide forecasting and trending. The analysis will allow identification of opportunities for improvement. 
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If you experience a mental health emergency at any time, contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988.
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