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What is Patient-Centered Care?

Patient-Centered Care: Collaborative Treatment

What is Patient-Centered Care?

Brave Health is person-centric in its treatment services. Our Person-Centered Approach to care means that we ensure that you are at the center of care and involved in decisions that relate to your life. Thisprocess involves listening, collaborating, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback to deliver the very best treatment. Below are listed the Eight Principles of Patient-Centered Care according to the Picker Institute:

  1. Respect for the patient’s values, preferences, and expressed needs
  2. Information and education
  3. Access to care
  4. Emotional support to relieve fear and anxiety
  5. Involvement of family and friends
  6. Continuity and secure transition between health care settings
  7. Physical comfort
  8. Coordination of care

Be Brave and start your collaborative journey to recovery!

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