Client Rights - Brave Health

Client Rights include those detailed in F.S. 397.501(1)-(10) Florida Statute

    • Response to inquiries within the same business day
    • Access to your record
    • Right to Individual Dignity
    • Right to Nondiscriminatory Services
    • Right to Quality and Competent Services
    • Right to Least Restrictive level of care
    • Right to competent and timely treatment
    • Right to Refuse Treatment
    • Right to be assigned a Primary Counselor
    • Right to Request a change be considered to a treatment member involvement in services if there is a negative impact on therapeutic relations
    • Right to Participate in treatment planning and decisions
    • Right to Care and Custody of personal effects
    • Right to Education
    • Right to Confidentiality of individual records
    • Right to Counsel
    • Right to Habeas Corpus
    • Right to Liability and immunity
    • Right to individual records
    • Right to Privacy consistent with the need for safety 
    • Right to Freedom from neglect, physical or psychological abuse, exploitation, humiliation, or any form of corporal punishment
    • Right to Second Opinion of consultant at the client’s expense
    • Right to File an Advance Directive
    • Right to File a Grievance
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