How to Access Your Medical Records

Managing your mental health is a deeply personal experience and we want your journey to wellness to be as smooth and empowering as possible. In this space, you'll find instructions to help you access your medical records on Brave Health's Patient Portal. These instructions are for a PC computer.

1. Register and log-in to the Brave Health Patient Portal by clicking here: Patient Portal.

2. Once logged in,  you will be taken to the “home” screen. On the left hand side you will see a “My Health” tab. Click on “My Health.”

3. On the “My Health” page, you will see several tabs on the top of the page. Click on “Health Records.”

4. On the “Health Records” page you will start with 1.) Choose a Time Frame. You are able to select Custom date range, Single date, or All Time.

5. Once you have selected the time frame of your records, choose how you’d like to get your data. Click the Download button.

6. Once you have hit download you will see in the bottom left corner of your screen a folder labeled Brave Health and today's date. Click on the folder.

7. The folder will open up and you will see two documents. Click on the second document, the PDF with your name on it. Ignore the stylesheet.

8. Once your records appear, you can save them to your computer and close the folder.

9. Log out of the Patient Portal.

If you experience any issues retrieving your records please fill out the Records Request form.




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